DMX System Lighting in Mumbai

DMX System Lighting in Mumbai

"DMX" stands for "Digital Multiplex Signal" It can be used to control up to 512 channels.

DMX-controlled lights from any manufacturer can be controlled by any DMX console - even if that console is made by someone else. This is one of the biggest advantages of DMX.

DMX is a lighting control protocol which allows users to have ultimate control over their lighting needs. Although it does not only apply to lighting, lighting is the most common use for DMX.

There are all sorts of lighting fixtures that operate with DMX. After you have your entire fixtures daisy chained, or interlinked with each other, you must address them.

DMX System Lighting in Mumbai

Using a controller that requires DMX cables limits where you can place the controller and operator. By using a wireless midi device and software, you can assign buttons to control the address when the button is pressed. This will allow you to create a one of a kind performance inside the software, which can be adjusted as needed.

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